What if I told you this was a photo of actual baskets I've made, with each egg representing a different job I'm seeking? What if I then told you I was lying?

Where have I been the last 11 days?

I thought you’d never ask!

It’s a delicate balance maintaining a blog that’s currently centered around my job search, but not making all the posts about me. That’s no way to attract new readers or Twitter followers, and with no real news to report on the open position (with the Detroit Red Wings) this site centered around for more than a month, I found myself tongue tied the past several days. It’s clearly time to broaden the focus of my entries, to give a better representation of the other jobs I’m seeking and applying for – the ones I’m allowed to discuss anyway (and trust me, there are several I can’t discuss). First things first, however, an update on the situation with the Red Wings is necessary… even though there isn’t much to say at the moment.

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Tell me more magic papers. Tell me more!

Have you ever felt oddly confident about a situation, for no particular reason?

I assure you there’s nothing currently sitting on my professional doorstep.  Yet, I can’t help but be encouraged by the direction of my entire job-seeking process.  Aside from what you’re seeing publicly with my “Hire Me, Red Wings!” campaign, there are several other opportunities that I’ve received some whispers about.  Of course, pursuing the opportunity with the Red Wings is currently my top priority, but I have the feeling this week will provide some answers as to whether or not I’ll be part of the process moving forward.  The public job listing was removed on Friday, so it’s likely make-or-break time.

It’s pretty clear how badly I want the position with the Red Wings, but I certainly won’t be starting from scratch if things don’t go my way.  I’ve already applied for a similar social networking position with the Anaheim Ducks, and am pursuing a website content management opening with the Los Angeles Clippers.  All of these positions are very public, and highly sought after by some of the best people in our industry.  If I didn’t feel like I was qualified, I wouldn’t have applied, but it’s obviously important to try and stand out among the crowd.  If things don’t play out to my liking with the Red Wings, a similar campaign for either of these other two jobs is probable.  However, I may find that a similar campaign would be better served for a less public opening.  I’ll play it by ear.

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A message on Facebook yesterday from the “Official Detroit Red Wings” page was my first clue that something was up.

FYI … a new CMS version of the NHL’s team Web sites caused DetroitRedWings.com to go haywire for awhile this week. All better now. Thanks for your patience!

That explains why I was landing on NHL.com when I was clicking links on DetroitRedWings.com earlier in the week.  I’m happy to report that the FAQ section is once again working properly.  But, this upgrade made me curious to see if any changes had come to other areas of the Red Wings’ web presence.

It didn’t take long to see that the Hockeytown Blog had been renovated in a very positive way.  More than anything it looks much more official than the previous version, with a clean two column design and a front page that has less clutter.  At the same time, there is a ton of open space for social media integration… but none can be found.  The front page features links to the official Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn group, but there are no options (read:  share buttons) for readers to easily pass along the content.

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