No turtles allowed, Claude.

When you start something like a social media campaign to try and land a dream job with the Detroit Red Wings, it’s hard to gauge what the reaction will be.  Of course your closest friends will back the effort, but you’re really trying to engage people who are outside of your circle, focusing instead on the people who are part of the circle you’re trying to penetrate.  Facebook sums it up best by simply allowing people to “like” your page.

So who likes me?

It seems that there are quite a few people that “like” my Facebook page (59 at the time this was written we’re closing in on our first 100), my group of Twitter followers is slowly but surely growing, and I’ve seen a major boost in traffic on “From the Desk of Damo” over the past two days.

What’s more exciting for me, however, is seeing how people are coming across my efforts, and where they are coming from.  There are already several people who “like” my Facebook page, whom I don’t know at all.  I’m having Twitter exchanges with users whom I’ve never met, and one of them even wished me luck on this journey.  I also found some good groups on LinkedIn to promote my cause, and received a very nice message of support from Dana Hunsucker, a professional recruiter based in Houston, Texas.

As for this site, I’m able to stem my anxiety by looking at how many people have visited – where they are coming from, and what they’re reading on the site.  Obviously, many people read yesterday’s post about trying to become the Social Networking Coordinator for the Detroit Red Wings.  But it was interesting to see that almost an equal amount of people also checked out my résumé – and that’s important.  As for where those visits were coming from, just use your imagination.  People stopped in from coast to coast, with a notable concentration of visits coming from the Detroit metro area.  That’s also important, as I currently have no ties to the area, despite having grown up in Michigan.

Today I had hoped to offer some more thoughts on the actual position I’m pursuing, but keeping up with the various accounts I’ve built ended up being a (welcomed) distraction.  We’ll save those thoughts for tomorrow, and I’ll be spending a portion of my afternoon trying to renew my license plates and also getting a tire patched – my third flat in six months – on a brand new car, no less.

I appreciate your support, and will continue to keep you updated.