Joey Gladstone and Michelle Tanner sporting the winged wheel. After this photo was taken, Michelle ate a bowl of ouce cream, using her hockey stick as a spoon. And everyone laughed.

Dave – freaking – Coulier!

Yes, that Dave Coulier checked in with @HireMeRedWings on Twitter yesterday, saying that he liked my style and asked if the Red Wings had any job openings.  Indeed they do, Dave (I can call you Dave, right?).  And the job that’s open is the one I’m after.  Thanks to your simple tweet, you’re helping me spread the word, and adding to my campaign to become the next Social Media Coordinator for the Detroit Red Wings.  You know, that almost sounds like it could be the title of a televis…wait, nevermind.  Thanks a lot, Food Network.

On a similar, but less Coulier note, I’m starting to see my efforts show up in more and more places each day.  Octopus Thrower surprised me yesterday morning by writing up this quick little blurb about my quest.  Just for clarity’s sake, (Brian, I’m speaking to you) was simply an option attached to my site’s original theme.  I like music.  You like music.  We all like music.  But maybe – just maybe – hearing Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus on my channel will be the hidden gem that puts me over the top.  Or someone will simply think I have bad taste in music.  Either way, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Also, late last night I came across an incredible entry on the blog Beards of War.  When typically referring to Beards of War, “incredible” would mean something hilarious, side-splitting, or lol-worthy.  But not this time.  Josh got serious for a moment, and told the story of why the Red Wings mean so much to him.  I’m not overstating this at all when I tell you the entry is highly moving.  He brings to the surface several of his memories of Red Wings’ playoff runs from the late 90s and early 2000s, but that isn’t the hook.  Instead, it’s the retelling of personal hardships he endured in 2002, cheering on the Red Wings from the belly of the beast in Denver, Colorado.  He discusses Game 7… so I shouldn’t have to say much more than that.  But the story caught my eye for another, separate reason.  Turns out that Josh spent a brief period of time living (his family moved a few times while he was growing up) in Battle Creek, Michigan – about 10 minutes from where I grew up in Athens, Michigan.  It’s a small world folks, and always will be.


On Monday when I began this whole process, I stopped short of detailing every little thought I had about the position I’m pursuing with the Red Wings.  I’m not here to bore you with all of those thoughts and parts-of-thoughts, but there are a couple of other topics that are worthy of discussion.  Maybe some rhetorical questions… and maybe some real questions for those of you who continue to ride along with me on  this journey.

Mixing social media with sports franchises is obviously about more than a small group of people sitting on HootSuite or TweetDeck all day long chatting with followers, and sending out links to news articles.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s certainly part of it, but what about when your fans and followers are already in the arena?  Buying a ticket is good, but how can they be ensured to have a good time?  Better yet, how can they be enticed to buy something?  The action on the ice at Joe Louis Arena often times takes care of the first part, but social media can definitely help assist in answering my second question.

At my last job, our summer schedule basically consisted of working on the video crew at Victory Field for the Indianapolis Indians, the Triple-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  We had plenty to take care of, but as many of you know, minor league baseball is as much about the in-game promotions as it is the baseball.  The Indians’ staff certainly know what they’re doing, as the franchise consistently ranks near the top of the International League in attendance figures, despite some meager win-loss records.  Combine that with the fact that the franchise has turned a profit for 37-consecutive years under Max Schumacher’s tenure as President… and yeah, you get the picture.  The Indians promote their web presence at every possible opportunity.  Between innings, the promote their Facebook page, Twitter account, blogs, and even a “Gift Shop Item of the Day.”  One of their more adventurous promotions however, is called “Tweet Your Seat” in which fans in attendance are encouraged to get on their phone and tweet their location in the ballpark.  Prizes are typically attached to some type of corporate sponsor coupon, but this kind of promotion could really be used for anything – ticket discounts to future games, discounts on apparel, and so on.  A quick Google search even reveals that the New Jersey Devils have used a promotion like this, but to upgrade fans’ seats.  It’s certainly easy to find winners using Twitter.  You could either send them a Direct Message with instructions detailing where to claim their prize, or simply have someone locate the winners in their seats, verify their ticket stub, and you’re done.

For all I know, the Red Wings are already running a promotion like this (if they are, and you know this, gimme a shout) and I’m going to look a little foolish.  However, let’s throw out another possibility that could significantly increase the “visibility, community awareness, and engagement” of the Red Wings’ social media efforts – like having a scavenger hunt.  Young or old, we all love ‘em.  How easy would it be to have virtual scavenger hunts with your followers on Twitter?  Get some corporate sponsors to participate (since they could see the residual effects and add Twitter followers of their own) by handing a few tickets (just an example) over to them every so often.  Send your followers on a series of virtual “hunts” by giving out clues until someone finally claims the tickets by putting the pieces of the puzzle together and literally showing up at the location where the prize is being held.  What if that location was a local Buffalo Wild Wings, and 50 people came looking for the tickets, but they were already claimed?  Do you think any of those people might stick around and grab some food or a beverage?  I do.

That’s just another angle to think about with this whole position, an angle that I definitely haven’t forgotten even though it’s not necessarily a strong point on my résumé.

For those of you out their who have your own blogs – Red Wings-centric or not – I leave you today with a question.

Would you welcome an additional Twitter feed(s) from the Red Wings that focused more on what you are writing, and then dispersing it to a larger group of followers?

I hope to hear your thoughts, because it’s something I’ve thought about many times since the beginning of the week, and something I want to write more about here on my site.  Many of you already have significant followings, but it just seems that there is a role the Red Wings could play in helping create a larger community for all fans.  The best way to go about that, however, remains to be seen.

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