Five days ago, there would have been far fewer dotted lines in this picture.

As we hit the first weekend of this campaign, I ask those of you who have visited this site (or the Twitter and Facebook pages) to truly consider the power of social media – even those of you outside the United States that continue to visit my site.  Yes, I see you.

On Monday, just five short days ago, I began this effort from scratch.  As I write this today, we’ve got hundreds of new (and some old) friends showing their support, and several hundred more people who have visited this site to see what all the ruckus is about.  Even Joey Gladstone got involved!  You’re not only visiting, but also devouring this site, by reading all the stories and learning a bit more about me.  Perhaps you even viewed my résumé.

While I have plenty of relevant professional experience to my name, opening myself up to this sort of judgment wasn’t an easy decision.  Unlike others who are undoubtedly interested in this same position with the Red Wings, I don’t have a current endeavor (aside from this one) to help promote myself or associate my name with, and a high percentage of my professional background comes from the college athletics scene, specifically basketball.  But making this decision to put myself out there – for all to see – has allowed me to rebuild a portion of the deep understanding I once had for all things Red Wings.  The calendars don’t mesh well when you’re busy promoting a mid-major NCAA Division I athletic conference, and freelance writing for college basketball blogs.  For all intents and purposes, my work with the Horizon League was also a grassroots campaign, requiring much more than eight hours of daily attention.  I watched hockey games when I could, and cheered from afar.

The past several days I’ve been able to connect with many people who are as passionate about the Red Wings (or social media) as I am about this project.  For some it’s a hobby, for others it’s a profession, but there’s no questioning their dedication.  I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve been a face value fan of the Red Wings the past few years.  Why?  Because the job I’m pursuing isn’t about who’s the biggest fan or the most connected blogger.  I made many great connections through my previous jobs in the media, but this job is about reaching those die hard fans and devoted bloggers, and making them part of the conversation.  That’s truly what we’re trying to accomplish here, and what I’d aim to accomplish if I’m able to pull this off.

These past five days have been incredible, and I have all of you to thank for that.  Continue to tell your friends and/or colleagues about the mission here, and encourage them to support us.  If you simply think this is a creative idea, tell me!  If you’re a blogger and want to write about it, let me know!

There’s no stopping now.

We can’t turn back.