RSS icon + huge headphones = Podcast? Works for me.

We’ve got plenty of visitors coming to the site.

We’ve got lots of people who “like” the Facebook page.

We’ve got followers on Twitter as well, but far less.  Why?

By now you’ve probably read somewhere that Twitter’s audience, on average, is much older than what you’ll find on Facebook.  Inherently, Twitter is also geared more toward professionals by asking the question “What’s happening?”  Meanwhile, Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?”  See the difference?

Twitter is where a news story breaks.  Facebook is where a heart breaks.  Damon is……….single! <heart>

Anyway, the point is that on Twitter it’s just as important to be doing something as it is tweeting something.  It’s a delicate balance, but doing it properly can secure a sizable following.  Or just be a celebrity, and you’re set!  While I certainly feel like I’m doing a lot to make this project work, to this point it’s really only been about writing blog entries and updating you on the attention I’m receiving.  That’s nice, but who doesn’t have a blog these days?  I need to do more to engage the audience, and that is what’s coming next.

I have all the tools I need to begin the Hire Me, Red Wings Podcast, right here on From the Desk of Damo.  Using Skype, a call recorder plugin, some audio equipment on loan from a friend, and an audio editing program, I can begin talking hockey with some of the best and brightest around… so long as they’re willing to spend a few minutes talking with me.  Most of the discussion will be about the Red Wings, but we’ll talk about all the important news and notes from around the NHL because those matters are also important to Red Wings fans.  It’ll be fun too!

Certainly this will help spread the word throughout the Twitterverse, as the people I’m looking to talk with also use their Twitter accounts religiously.  More importantly, however, I want to start this podcast because I see it as something that could compliment WingsCast on the Red Wings official website.  Nearly all of the guests on their podcast are directly associated with the Red Wings organization.  There’s obviously value in that, but there’s also a whole legion of fans out there who want to hear from their favorite writers and/or bloggers and get an outside perspective on a Red Wings topic.  These two worlds can coexist, and make beautiful music together.

Now it’s time to find guest #1…
  1. Eric Romer says:

    You’ve already been crushing it, but the podcast is a brilliant idea. Nice work!