A message on Facebook yesterday from the “Official Detroit Red Wings” page was my first clue that something was up.

FYI … a new CMS version of the NHL’s team Web sites caused DetroitRedWings.com to go haywire for awhile this week. All better now. Thanks for your patience!

That explains why I was landing on NHL.com when I was clicking links on DetroitRedWings.com earlier in the week.  I’m happy to report that the FAQ section is once again working properly.  But, this upgrade made me curious to see if any changes had come to other areas of the Red Wings’ web presence.

It didn’t take long to see that the Hockeytown Blog had been renovated in a very positive way.  More than anything it looks much more official than the previous version, with a clean two column design and a front page that has less clutter.  At the same time, there is a ton of open space for social media integration… but none can be found.  The front page features links to the official Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn group, but there are no options (read:  share buttons) for readers to easily pass along the content.

The Hockeytown Blog should have some kind of Twitter account.  Or, at the very least, the contributors should be branding “Around the Rink” (via social media) as a daily must visit for a collection of the very best Red Wings stories on the Internet.  I’ve written before that there is value in being the hub of information, and it’s clear that the Red Wings have people searching for outside content.  Yet, they aren’t engaging the community and making fans aware of absolutely everything that’s out there.  The only content that’s truly being promoted is the “official” variety from their official website.

But what about the huge segment of fans that rarely visit the official website, and get their information from reading Red Wings blogs?  Wouldn’t the organization want to find a way to connect with those fans as well?  Take the Hockeytown Blog as an example (since it’s an official Red Wings entity).  If you can draw people to the Hockeytown Blog – branding it as a hub for Red Wings content from across the web – couldn’t the organization also use it as a platform for upcoming promotions, community service projects, official watch parties, etc.?

It’s all about bringing the official and unofficial crowds together.  Social media is the key.


I hope there isn’t a perception that fewer posts on my blog this week is a sign of fatigue or frustration.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The interaction here, on Twitter, and on Facebook has dipped a little this week.   This being only my second post of the week, it’s understandable.  I’ve also spent a fair amount of time chasing down other potential opportunities this week, which has taken me away from social media a little more than I’d like.   I hope those of you following along aren’t becoming indifferent to the situation.  I know – for certain – that some of you aren’t.

There were a couple of breakthroughs this week on Twitter.  Craig Kanally, the Traffic and Trends Editor for the Huffington Post, sent me a couple of nice tweets, wishing me luck on my journey.  Similarly, I exchanged a few tweets and e-mails with George Malik, writer of the Snapshots blog on MLive.  George got in touch after my last entry and gave me a glimpse into some of his experiences covering the Red Wings, which was extremely beneficial for me.  I just want to publicly thank both of them for offering their support.  Hopefully you’ll offer your support to them by clicking the links above.

While the position of Social Networking Coordinator with the Red Wings is the job I’m most aggressively seeking, there are lots of other openings I’m pursuing… but in a much less public fashion.  If this process doesn’t play out as I’m hoping with the Red Wings, some of the other positions I’m seeking will rise to the surface and become the focus of this blog.  I just have to wait and see what happens.  By my count, this opening with the Red Wings will have been posted for more than 30 days after this weekend passes, so next week could provide the first answers.

Tomorrow (Friday) will mark a month being “on the beach” as it’s known in media circles.  I’ll reflect on that over the weekend.