What if I told you this was a photo of actual baskets I've made, with each egg representing a different job I'm seeking? What if I then told you I was lying?

Where have I been the last 11 days?

I thought you’d never ask!

It’s a delicate balance maintaining a blog that’s currently centered around my job search, but not making all the posts about me. That’s no way to attract new readers or Twitter followers, and with no real news to report on the open position (with the Detroit Red Wings) this site centered around for more than a month, I found myself tongue tied the past several days. It’s clearly time to broaden the focus of my entries, to give a better representation of the other jobs I’m seeking and applying for – the ones I’m allowed to discuss anyway (and trust me, there are several I can’t discuss). First things first, however, an update on the situation with the Red Wings is necessary… even though there isn’t much to say at the moment.

My last couple entries on this site alluded to the fact that the Detroit Red Wings had to be closing in on selecting an initial group for interviews. Curious, and slightly anxious, I went straight to the source last week and asked the organization directly where they were at in the process. Fortunately for me, the Red Wings have been very open, honest, and swift in their contact with me the past month or so, and last Friday was no different. I was informed that they were still reviewing résumés, and were yet to identify a group of candidates for interviews. Thankful to still be in consideration, something else hit me as I read the response from the Red Wings. I realized that, at this point, I’ve done all I can. As I’ve said many times before, there are plenty of people close to this situation who are aware of what I’ve been up to on this site. Whether or not it has scored any points with them is something entirely different. Either way, I know that my materials have been or will be reviewed, and I must hope that my efforts here will be looked upon favorably. As a friend told me over the weekend, “It’s gotta count for something, right?” I hope so, Steve. I hope so.

This also means that the “Hire Me, Red Wings!” Facebook page and @HireMeRedWings Twitter account will also be re-branded very soon. Chances are, the names will be changed to reflect the name of this site, “From the Desk of Damo.” Hopefully those of you who currently “Like” the Facebook page or are following the Twitter account, will continue to support me in my efforts. After all, none of this is relevant without you.

Despite a lack of blog entries, the past 10 days have seen some improvements and additions to this site. Hopefully you noticed the “Damo Elsewhere” section on sidebar of each this site’s pages. It features links to articles either written by me, or about me and my past work. The biggest development is the ongoing completion of the “Media” page. There you’ll find several examples of my past work, from play-by-play announcing, to feature stories, to videography skillz. It took a lot of manual HTML coding to build, but it’s working like a charm. I’ll be tweaking the content from time to time, but I’m really happy with it’s functionality.

If you remember my initial post about the opening for a Social Networking Coordinator with the Detroit Red Wings, you’ll remember that it was titled “Job 001.” That was obviously intentional, as I planned to for that number to naturally increase over time. What happened instead, was a flurry of activity related to “Job 001″ while I applied for other gigs that didn’t necessarily warrant a social media campaign. After that, several “shhhhh” opportunities came to my attention, which wouldn’t allow for a social media campaign. See the dilemma?

You’ll begin seeing more posts like “Job 001″ in the coming days.  By opening things up around here, I can then incorporate some of the tactics used in the campaign for the Red Wings gig (like the podcast), and keep the content fresh for each position I’m seeking, until I’m ultimately off the market.

Some have asked in recent weeks if what I’m doing on From the Desk of Damo is actually hurting my chances to land some of these jobs I’m seeking. The answer: yeah, probably. In many cases, however, the goal of these positions I’m seeking is to bring attention to a team or athletic department. If I’m able to bring attention to something as vanilla as a job opening, I certainly know how to bring attention to an entity that is, you know… doing something! Whether it’s a hockey, baseball, or basketball team, intercollegiate athletic programs, or maybe even a product or service, I’m ready to put my skills in new media and social media to good use.

The question is, who’s ready to let me prove it?