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Of all mornings, why did it have to happen this morning?
You see, my laptop has this nagging problem with its screen. From time to time it angrily flickers, sometimes fading to black, but soon returning as if nothing happened. At times I places pens or markers underneath the area where the keyboard and [...]

We’ve got plenty of visitors coming to the site.
We’ve got lots of people who “like” the Facebook page.
We’ve got followers on Twitter as well, but far less.  Why?
By now you’ve probably read somewhere that Twitter’s audience, on average, is much older than what you’ll find on Facebook.  Inherently, Twitter is also geared more toward professionals [...]

Dave – freaking – Coulier!
Yes, that Dave Coulier checked in with @HireMeRedWings on Twitter yesterday, saying that he liked my style and asked if the Red Wings had any job openings.  Indeed they do, Dave (I can call you Dave, right?).  And the job that’s open is the one I’m after.  Thanks to your simple [...]