RSS icon + huge headphones = Podcast? Works for me.

We’ve got plenty of visitors coming to the site.

We’ve got lots of people who “like” the Facebook page.

We’ve got followers on Twitter as well, but far less.  Why?

By now you’ve probably read somewhere that Twitter’s audience, on average, is much older than what you’ll find on Facebook.  Inherently, Twitter is also geared more toward professionals by asking the question “What’s happening?”  Meanwhile, Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?”  See the difference?

Twitter is where a news story breaks.  Facebook is where a heart breaks.  Damon is……….single! <heart>

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Five days ago, there would have been far fewer dotted lines in this picture.

As we hit the first weekend of this campaign, I ask those of you who have visited this site (or the Twitter and Facebook pages) to truly consider the power of social media – even those of you outside the United States that continue to visit my site.  Yes, I see you.

On Monday, just five short days ago, I began this effort from scratch.  As I write this today, we’ve got hundreds of new (and some old) friends showing their support, and several hundred more people who have visited this site to see what all the ruckus is about.  Even Joey Gladstone got involved!  You’re not only visiting, but also devouring this site, by reading all the stories and learning a bit more about me.  Perhaps you even viewed my résumé.

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Joey Gladstone and Michelle Tanner sporting the winged wheel. After this photo was taken, Michelle ate a bowl of ouce cream, using her hockey stick as a spoon. And everyone laughed.

Dave – freaking – Coulier!

Yes, that Dave Coulier checked in with @HireMeRedWings on Twitter yesterday, saying that he liked my style and asked if the Red Wings had any job openings.  Indeed they do, Dave (I can call you Dave, right?).  And the job that’s open is the one I’m after.  Thanks to your simple tweet, you’re helping me spread the word, and adding to my campaign to become the next Social Media Coordinator for the Detroit Red Wings.  You know, that almost sounds like it could be the title of a televis…wait, nevermind.  Thanks a lot, Food Network.

On a similar, but less Coulier note, I’m starting to see my efforts show up in more and more places each day.  Octopus Thrower surprised me yesterday morning by writing up this quick little blurb about my quest.  Just for clarity’s sake, (Brian, I’m speaking to you) was simply an option attached to my site’s original theme.  I like music.  You like music.  We all like music.  But maybe – just maybe – hearing Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus on my channel will be the hidden gem that puts me over the top.  Or someone will simply think I have bad taste in music.  Either way, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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