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We’ve got plenty of visitors coming to the site.
We’ve got lots of people who “like” the Facebook page.
We’ve got followers on Twitter as well, but far less.  Why?
By now you’ve probably read somewhere that Twitter’s audience, on average, is much older than what you’ll find on Facebook.  Inherently, Twitter is also geared more toward professionals [...]

As we hit the first weekend of this campaign, I ask those of you who have visited this site (or the Twitter and Facebook pages) to truly consider the power of social media – even those of you outside the United States that continue to visit my site.  Yes, I see you.
On Monday, just five [...]

When you start something like a social media campaign to try and land a dream job with the Detroit Red Wings, it’s hard to gauge what the reaction will be.  Of course your closest friends will back the effort, but you’re really trying to engage people who are outside of your circle, focusing instead on [...]